Professional & Lowest Damage Rate

8As the best of moving companies in New York, the New York Movers are pleased to offer the moving services for the regions in New York. With our trained professionals, we are pleased to move a single item from piano to the whole estate or apartment, which include long and short distance moving.

Trained/ Experienced Professionals and Abundant Resources

Our moving personnel are well trained with the knowledge on how to effectively moving the items from one location to the others, how to protect the furniture during moving, etc. With the strong experience in moving, they shall be feasible to move the items safely, and without delay. The personnel from the New York Movers can handle moving for apartment, furniture, commercial, and even night moving. 

The vans from us are designed for moving, which are equipped with packaging boxes and blanket wrap. Those materials are important for you to move items. The items, such as the furniture can be maintained in the vans carefully and a safely.

Lowest Damage Rate 

Damage rate refers to rate of the number of items damaged during moving from moving companies. In the industry in New York, the New York Movers maintain the lowest damage rate. Only few claims are being processed from the insurance company in the past years. It showed that the moving service provided from us is safe and professional.

Since our staffs help to coordinate the moving process, providing necessary tips to the customers, the relocation process is very smooth, and the lowest damage rate can be achieved.

We are also happy to maintain the liability insurance for each moving service. Operated by third party insurance company, the liability insurance covers the claims for the damage from us. The insurance can protect the right for our clients. At the same time, we confirmed our quality of moving service.

We the expert in moving service in New York is happy to offer the professional moving services. With trained and experienced professionals, we are efficient to move the items in a short time. The specially-designed vans are good to maintain and protect the items. The lowest damage rate proved that our moving service is the best in the industry in New York. Your items during moving shall be well protected, and covered under our liability insurance. No risk shall be expected from our clients.

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